One Hour Session: $75.00

One hour session Choices:
  1. Foot and Hand Reflexology
  2. Full body massage with       essential oil
  3. Chakra Reflexology balance

One and Half Hour Session: $95.00

One and a half hour session choices:

  1. Hand and Foot Reflexology with Energy techniques
  2. Reflexology body massage:includes Hand and Foot Reflexology with neck and back massage using essential oils
  3. Vita Flex with Raindrop Technique
  4. Full body massage using essentials oil

Two Hour Session: $130.00

Two hour session choices:
  1. Reflexology body massage followed with a 30 minute ionic detox foot bath.
  2. Reflexology and full body massage using essential oils with an ionic detox foot bath


After your first session you may choose to further personalize your relaxation time. You may wish to spend the entire Reflexology time on your feet alone. Or, you may prefer to spend extra time on hand reflexes. This is a good choice for caretakers, typists or body workers. You may wish to have more time spent on facial and cranial reflexes. The time is yours! Choose what fits you best.


You will receive an additional 10% off coupon each time you refer someone who purchases an appointment. In addition, you will receive the same discount when you purchase a gift certificate for a friend. They will be presented with a beautiful box filled with information, their certificate and a sample of an essential oil. This delightful aroma will greet them as they open their present.